“Cones” on a Darryl Starbird Show Car!

Sometimes we just have to “Pinch” ourselves! We got a call a few days ago from Darryl Starbird…cool enough right there, but then he asked us to overnight a set of our new “Cones” hubcaps to him…even cooler eh? Now, here’s the best part; This was just two days before the opening of the 2013 Darryl Starbird Car Show in Tulsa! Naturally, we were hoping that those hub caps would end up on a car in the show. So, we hoped in the car and ┬áheaded for the show on Friday.

When we arrived, we immediately began scanning the thousand-plus cars for a set of “Cones.” Well, it didn’t take long to find them. Right there in the “smack-dab-middle” of the arena was one of Darryl’s beautiful Bubble-Top Creations, the X2000 show car built by Darryl and his Grandson, Dakota Wentz (Star Kustom Shop). And on that car was the set of “Cones” we had sent out a couple of days before. “Pinch me again please!”

You know, hocking car parts for a living is not nearly as glamorous or exciting as some would like to make it out to be. Long hours of deadly dull work divided only by taking orders over the phone and processing orders placed via our website. Now, don’t get me wrong here…we love to talk to our customers. Really, that is the only thing that keeps us going most of the time. Hearing about what you are doing with your cars, and how you intend to use the parts you buy from us is the “Sweet Fruit” that gives us the reason to keep on doing what we do. But, when we get a call from one of these people we have seen in the magazines, whose cars grace the pages and about whom books are written…well, it all seems a little surreal sometimes but it’s a Real Bonus too! Guess we’re just like everyone else and we get a little star-struck.

Anyway, seeing those “Cones” on that car and remembering when we were fighting to get them made a year ago…makes it all come together a little more. Now if we can just start seeing them on our “REAL CUSTOMER’S” cars….perfect!

Oh, and by the way…when I met Darryl and Donna at the show to thank them for the passes they provided for us, we spoke a little bit about the show and the cars that were there. I told him that the cars in his “Fine Nine” were certainly beautiful, but he really needed to take a look at Bill Weickert’s ’58 Edsel Kustom over in the corner. Out of all the cars in the show, that was the one that got my blood moving. You see, “Bill is one of us,” I told Darryl, ” He built that car himself, out of whatever he had laying around and added sweat and blood”…”He is the guy that keeps us (Kustom Car Parts) alive”…”If we had to rely on selling parts only to guys like you (Darryl), we would have gone out of business long ago.”

et ita abscedit – Ron

All New Hub Cap – “Cones”

Night Prowlers is proud to reintroduce “Cones” Hub Caps. Based on the 1957 Plymouth Car Hub Cap, Cones are a clean and simple alternative to the more elaborate Hub Cabs and Wheel Covers we offer….Very Traditional too! Browse the Night Prowlers Kustom Car Parts Catalog to get the lowdown on these very Kool Caps!

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