Our Promises to You…the Customer…Our Boss and Our Friend

You could get your parts and accessories anywhere…and we know this!

That is why we, Ron & Jill and Family, do everything we can to try to earn not only your business, but your respect as well. Every day, we get up and think about Kustom and Hot Rod parts. We think about what we are currently offering, and what we would like to try to find that you might want or need for your car or truck. We think about how to offer these things to you for the best possible price. We think about how many we should have in stock so we can ship it to you as fast as possible, and we think about how to do that shipping as cheaply as possible. We talk about little things like how to answer the telephone and what to post on the Web Site or on Social Media like Facebook. We even talk about you…yes we do. We try to learn something from every single customer we come in contact with so that we can serve the next one better. We discuss our mistakes and try not to repeat them. And, we do talk about our successes too; What worked and why it worked and how can we do that again.

All of it…everything we do has one singular goal – We want to be your ONE SOURCE for all your Kustom Car and Traditional Hot Rod parts and accessories!

We can’t do it if all we think about is profit. Making a buck is the bonus for us. It is the icing on the cake at the end of the day. But it is not the motivating factor for us. What gets our blood going, what excites us and keeps us climbing out of bed every day is YOU! We love the hobby and we love the people we get to know. All the money in the world could not replace the feeling we get when someone says, “I have been looking for (that part) for years to finish my car.” Or when you send us pictures of your cars and we get to share in the pride that you have for what you have accomplished. Or when we spend a half hour talking with you before we ever get around to doing business or selling anything. We like to get to know you!

Here are our promises to you…


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